Litigation Support

Litigation SupportWhen environmental and industrial safety issues become litigious, our senior consultants work with clients' legal counsel to provide the appropriate support. Trinity's experienced environmental litigation group assist legal counsel in several ways:

  • Regulatory interpretation - We provide the practical interpretation of regulations as various regulatory authorities implement them.
  • Technical support - We perform the technical analyses necessary to evaluate the merits of a case or to provide scientific evidence supporting or refuting a claim.
  • Expert testimony - We provide expert testimony on a host of environmental and safety-related issues.
  • Counsel training - We provide training to many attorneys on topics such as the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, dispersion modeling, control technologies, stack testing, and atmospheric/chemical processes.

Meet two of our experts:  Hung-Ming (Sue) Sung, Ph.D. in our Dallas office and John P. Iwanski in our Chicago office.

For assistance, contact your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655.