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Established in 1995, T3® is a division of Trinity Consultants that develops information technology solutions for EH&S management. With exceptional knowledge in regulatory requirements, information technology, and industry practices, T3 is ideally suited to provide cost-effective solutions to industry’s challenging EH&S data management requirements. From QuickList™ for mobile devices to custom, desktop solutions for a single user, to enterprise-wide EH&S management information systems, T3 helps organizations plan and implement an appropriate solution that meets their needs with respect to functionality, timing, budget, and integration with legacy systems.

Enterprise Solutions
EH&S Custom Compliance Solutions
QuickList for Mobile Devices
EH&S Management Information Systems Custom Compliance Solutions QuickList for Mobile Devices

Enterprise-wide EMIS implementations create bridges for sharing EH&S data, improve accuracy, optimize resources, and enhance compliance. T3 has unparalleled experience in the implementation and integration of EMIS solutions.

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When organizational objectives, budgets, or timetables dictate the need for an EH&S information management solution that's narrow in scope, a custom compliance solution can be the best fit.

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Use mobile devices to collect field data and manage data. T3's QuickList™ transforms virtually any data collection/inspection requirement into an electronic formatted checklist. Sample checklists including visible emissions monitoring, SPCC checklists, pressure drop monitoring, and meter reading.

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Data Integration & Automation (DIA) Application

An important function of any good Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) is the collection of facility process data. This data is critical to calculating emissions and demonstrating compliance with operating limits or permit conditions, the core functionality of an EMIS.More Arrow 2

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