October Regulatory Summaries

The following is a partial list of regulatory actions that appeared in the October Federal Register.

10/2/09  74FR50962  Notice of annual adjustment for excess emissions penalties under the Acid Rain Program.
10/5/09  74FR51148  Notice of extended comment period until 11/9/09 for public comment on two draft documents, "Risk Assessment to Support the Review of the PM Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standards--External Review Draft" and "Particulate Matter Urban-Focused Visibility Assessment--External Review Draft."
10/6/09  74FR51367  Final rule responding to the Court's 3/2/99 remand of the NSPS and emissions guidelines for hospital/medical/infectious waste incinerators (HMIWI) and satisfying the CAA requirement for a review of the standards every five years.
10/6/09  74FR51417  Final rule revising the regulations governing CAA Title V state and federal operating permit programs to promote flexible air permitting approaches that increase operational flexibility while ensuring environmental protection and compliance with applicable laws.
10/7/09  74FR51535  Proposed rule implementing a grant of reconsideration and requesting public comment (until 12/7/09) on various interpretations of the regulatory phrase "subject to regulation," relative to the determination of pollutants subject to the federal PSD program.
10/8/09  74FR51949  Final rule amending the NSPS for coal preparation and processing plants.
10/14/09  74FR52723  Advanced notice of public rulemaking regarding issues raised by stakeholders on EPA's emissions factor program, EPA's initial ideas on how to address these issues, and to solicit public comments on these ideas.
10/19/09 74FR53498  Availability of a draft document, "Integrated Review Plan for the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards Review--External Review Draft," for review by the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and the public.
10/19/09 74FR53445  Proposal to expand the list of acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting substances to include HFO-1234yf as acceptable for motor vehicle air conditioning.
10/27/09  74FR55292  Proposed rule tailoring the major source applicability threshold for greenhouse gas emissions under the PSD and Title V programs of the CAA and to set a PSD significance level for GHG emissions.
10/28/09  74FR55505  Proposal to withdraw the residual risk and technology review portions of the 1/16/09 amendments to the NESHAP for Petroleum Refineries.
10/28/09  74FR55669  Final rule amending the NESHAP for Petroleum Refineries to add MACT standards for heat exchange systems, amend the general provisions cross-reference table, and correct section references.
10/29/09  74FR56007  Final NESHAP for nine area source categories in the chemical manufacturing sector:  Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides Manufacturing, Cyclic Crude and Intermediate Production, Industrial Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing, Industrial Organic Chemical Manufacturing, Inorganic Pigments Manufacturing, Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing, Plastic Materials and Resins Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Production, and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing.
10/29/09  74FR55843  Availability of draft assessment document, "Risk and Exposure Assessment to Support the Review of the Carbon Monoxide (CO) Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standards--First External Review Draft," for comment by 11/19/09.
10/30/09  74FR56259  Final rule requiring reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of the economy.