Complimentary Luncheon: Recent Changes Affecting O&G Air Permitting in Oklahoma

Join Trinity Consultants for a lunch-and-learn seminar as we discuss recent state and federal developments related to air permitting for O&G facilities in Oklahoma. In addition to discussing the changes themselves, the seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss implementation strategies, interpretations, and best practices with industry colleagues and experts.

Seminar topics
  • Federal Updates
  1. 90-day Stay on NSPS OOOOa LDAR Provisions
  2. BLM’s Venting & Flaring Rule Upheld
  3. EPA Requests Comments on Regulations for Repeal, Replacement, or Modification
  4. Proposed Addition of Gas Plants to the TRI Program
  5. Potential Future Rules (e.g., ESPS or NESHAP Revision)
  • State Updates
  1. Permitting Changes (e.g., New PBRs, Updated GP-OGF, and Aggregation)
  2. Emissions Calculation Guidance (e.g., Flashing, Loading, Flares, H2S, MSS)
  3. How OOOOa Affects Your Air Permitting
  4. Affirmative Defense Provisions Changed
  5. E-Permitting
  • General Q&A

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Jun 27, 2017 -- Oklahoma City, OK
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Jun 28, 2017 -- Tulsa, OK
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM