President and CEO John E. (Jay) Hofmann

Jay Hofmann

President / CEO


CFO Dave Larsen

Dave Larsen

Chief Financial Officer


Human Resources Director Chris Price

Chris Price

Director, Human Resources


Director of Business Development Paul Greywall, PE

Paul Greywall, PE

Director, Business Development


Director of Quality Management Paul Smith, PE

Paul Smith, PE

Director, Quality Management


Laura Redmon_new bckgd_web_2018

Laura Redmon

Director, Marketing


Director of Information Technology Alan Chuang

Alan Chuang

Director, Information Technology


Director of Mergers and Aquisitions Matt Berlew

Matt Berlew

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions


Consulting Operations

North Region

John Iwanski_new bkgd_web2018

John Iwanski

Managing Director, North Region


Regional Director Clay Raasch, PE

Clay Raasch, PE

Regional Director


Regional Director Arron Heinerikson

Arron Heinerikson

Regional Director


Regional Director Vineet Masuraha

Vineet Masuraha

Regional Director


Regional Manager David Wall

David Wall, PE

Regional Manager


East Region

Managing Director Mike Remsberg, PE

Mike Remsberg, PE

Managing Director, Eastern Region


Regional Director Kirk Lowery, PE

Kirk Lowery, PE

Regional Director


Rob Liles_new bkgd_web2018

Robert Liles

Regional Director


Principal Consultant Tom Muscenti, PE

Tom Muscenti, PE

Regional Manager


Gulf/South Region

Managing Director Shishir Mohan

Shishir Mohan

Managing Director, South and Gulf Coast Region


Brian Burdorf_new bkgd_web2018

Brian Burdorf

Director, Operations


Regional Director Rich Jenks

Rich Jenks

Regional Director


Chuck Buttry_new bkgd_web2018

Charles R (Chuck) Buttry

Regional Manager, Southeast Region


Regional Manager Tony Jabon

Tony Jabon, PE

Regional Manager


Service Areas

Director of Chemical Sector Services Inaas Darrat, PE

Inaas Darrat, PE

Director, Chemical Sector Services


Director, Oil and Gas Sector Services Georgette Reeves, MPA

Georgette Reeves, MPA

Director, Oil & Gas Sector Services


Jason Schmitz_new bkgd_web2018

Jason Schmitz

Director, EHS Information Technology Solutions


Director of Sustainability and Environmental Management Rich Pandullo

Rich Pandullo

Director, Sustainability and Environmental Management


Director, BREEZE Software and China Operations Weiping Dai, PhD, PE, CM

Weiping Dai, PhD, PE, CM

Director, BREEZE Software/China Operations


Director of Monitoring Services Casey Lenhart

Casey Lenhart

Director, Monitoring Services


Director, EHS Global Services Sue Sung, PhD, PE

Hung-Ming (Sue) Sung, PhD, PE

Director, EHS Global Services