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  • Permitting Challenges for Spray Coating Operations in Washington  - 

    Spray coating operations, often historically overlooked as an industrial activity of concern, are now receiving more scrutiny from air quality agencies. Multiple industries are seeing an uptick in enforcement, permitting actions, and public concern »

  • USEPA Finalizes Changes to Air Quality Modeling Guidance  - 

    On January 17, 2017, the U.S. EPA published a final rule that revises the Guideline on Air Quality Models (40 CFR Part 51, Appendix W).  This publish date had established February 16 as the rule's effective date; however, the Presidential directive »

  • Washington's Clean Air Rule Finalized  - 

    On September 15, 2016, Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) finalized the Washington Clean Air Rule to cap and reduce carbon pollution.  The Clean Air Rule was first proposed on January 5, 2016, with a second proposal released on May 31, 2016. »

  • Washington Judge Rules that Ecology Must Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions  - 

    On April 29, 2016, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill ruled that Ecology must deliver a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction rule by the end of 2016.  This case began as a petition for rulemaking initiated by the Western Environmental »

  • Ecology Provides Updates on Proposed Clean Air Rule  - 

    On April 27th, Ecology held a webinar to discuss the future of Washington's Clean Air Rule. The discussion included: stakeholder comments on the withdrawn version of the proposed Clean Air Rule, anticipated updates to the proposal, and an »

  • Washington Clean Fuel Standard  - 

    The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) was recently directed by Governor Jay Inslee to prepare a draft Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) and engage with legislators, the public, and other interested parties. In response to this directive, Ecology »

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