Federal Regulatory Summary - December 2017

The following environmental regulatory actions were published in the U.S. Federal Register during December 2017. Select the hyperlink to view the complete Federal Register notice. For assistance in determining how any of these issues may affect your facility, please contact your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655. 

12/8/2017  82FR57874

Direct final rule withdrawing the 10/25/2017 direct final and proposed rules to update the voluntary consensus standards originally published in the 12/12/2016 TSCA Title VI formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products due to adverse comment. 

12/8/2017  82FR57976

Notice of update to the Federal Agency Hazardous Waste Compliance Docket under Section 120(c) of CERCLA. 

12/11/2017  82FR58118

Final rule finding that three states failed to submit timely revisions to their SIPs as required for implementation of the 2008 ozone NAAQS. 

12/11/2017  82FR58122

Direct final rule modifying the use conditions for three flammable refrigerants in new household refrigerators and freezers under the SNAP program. Proposed rule published simultaneously. 

12/12/2017  82FR58486

Final rule establishing the annual percentage standards for cellulosic biofuel, biomass-based diesel, advanced biofuel, and total renewable fuel that apply to gasoline and diesel transportation fuel produced or imported in 2018. 

12/12/2017  82FR58364

Notification of availability of a document, "Periodic Reviews for the Renewable Fuel Standard Program," as required under the CAA. 

12/13/2017  82FR58600

Notice of availability of a final document titled, "Integrated Science Assessment for Sulfur Dioxides--Health Criteria," as part of the review of the primary NAAQS for sulfur dioxides. 

12/15/2017  82FR59603

Notice of availability of preliminary lists of units eligible for second-round allocations of emission allowances for the 2017 control periods from the new unit set-asides established under CSAPR. 

12/19/2017  82FR60168

Proposed rule extending the comment period for the 10/26/2017 proposed document concerning proposed reporting requirements regarding mercury supply, use, and trade in the U.S., until 1/11/2018. 

12/26/2017  82FR60906

Final rule addressing the adverse comment received on the 8/17/2017 proposal to update the list of NAICS codes subject to reporting under TRI. 

12/26/2017  82FR60873

Final rule completing the residual risk and technology reviews for the NESHAP for Wool Fiberglass Manufacturing. 

12/26/2017  82FR60890

Withdrawal of the 9/28/2017 direct final rule, "Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Refrigerant Management Regulations for Small Cans of Motor Vehicle Refrigerant," due to adverse comment.

 12/26/2017  82FR60940

Notice that EPA has denied a petition to list concentrated animal feeding operations under CAA Section 111(b)(1)(A) and to promulgate standards of performance under CAA Section 111(b)(1)(B) and 111(d). 

12/27/2017  82FR61180

Final proposal clarifying that small cans of motor vehicle refrigerant manufactured or imported prior to 1/1/2018 may continue to be sold to persons that are not certified as technicians under sections 608 or 609 of the CAA. 

12/27/2017  82FR61205

Proposed rule providing an opportunity to comment on an analysis of the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with certain biofuels produced from grain sorghum oil extracted at dry mill ethanol plants at any point downstream from sorghum grinding; comments due by 1/26/2018. 

12/28/2017  82FR61507

Advanced notice of proposed rulemaking concerning EPA's consideration of proposing emission guidelines to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing electric utility generating units and seeking comment on various aspects of that process by 2/26/2018.