Federal Regulatory Summary - February 2019

The following environmental regulatory actions were published in the U.S. Federal Register during February 2019. Select the hyperlink to view the complete Federal Register notice. For assistance in determining how any of these issues may affect your facility, please contact us at (800) 229-6655 or  online.

2/4/2019 84FR1570

Proposed amendments to the NESHAP for hydrochloric acid production resulting from the residual risk and technology review and addressing SSM provision, electronic reporting, and updating the reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

2/6/2019  84FR2056

Final rule adjusting the level of the maximum (or minimum) statutory civil monetary penalty amounts under the statues that EPA administers to reflect inflation.

2/7/2019  84FR2485

Extension of the public comment period for the 12/6/2018 proposed NSPS for GHGs from EGUs until 3/18/19 to allow 30 days following the 2/14/2019 public hearing.

2/7/2019  84FR2670

Proposed revision to EPA's response to the Supreme Court decision in Michigan vs. EPA regarding EPA's failure to consider cost in determining CAA Section 112 HAP requirements from coal- and oil-fired EGUs, finding that it is not "appropriate and necessary" to regulate those emissions (while not affecting existing CAA section 112(d) emissions standards that regulate those emissions).

2/8/2019  84FR2742

Final rule regarding the RTR for the friction materials manufacturing NESHAP addressing SSM emissions, revising reporting requirements, and requiring no new controls for reducing emissions.

2/8/2019  84FR2848

Notice of public comment period for EPA's National Compliance Initiatives for fiscal years 2020-2023, open until 3/11/2019.

2/12/2019  84FR3308


Final RTR for the leather finishing NESHAP, addressing SSM, electronic reporting, and clarifying rule provisions.

2/12/2019  84FR3324


Final revisions to the 5/18/2016 proposed NPDES regulations providing clarifications, updating EPA contact information, updating outdated references, and deleting treatment technology that is no longer applicable.

2/12/2019  84FR3442


Notice of availability of data on emission allowance allocation certain units under CSAPR trading programs.

2/12/2019  84FR3444


Notice of the availability and request for comment by 3/14/2019 on the Draft Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2017.

2/14/2019  84FR4154


Proposed rule defining the scope of waters federally regulated under the CWA, for public comment by 4/15/2019.

2/19/2019  84FR4741

Notice of availability for review and comment the data received from respondents of a voluntary survey, "2018 Clean Water Act Hazardous Substances Survey."

2/22/2019  84FR5816

Final rule regulating the management of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals by healthcare facilities and reverse distributors, prohibiting the disposal of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals down the drain and eliminating the dual regulation of RCRA hazardous waste pharmaceuticals that are also DEA controlled substances.

2/28/2019  84FR6676

Final RTR for the wet-formed fiberglass mat production NESHAP, addressing SSM, electronic reporting, and clarification of rule provisions.

2/28/2019  84FR6739

Extension of the public comment period for the 2/7/2019 proposed NESHAP for coal- and oil-fired EGUs RTR until 4/17/2019 and notice of a public hearing on 3/18/2019.