Federal Regulatory Summary - July 2016

The following environmental regulatory actions were published in the U.S. Federal Register during July 2016.  Select the hyperlink to view the complete Federal Register notice. For assistance in determining how any of these issues may affect your facility, please contact your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655. 


7/1/2016     81FR43180

Proposed extension of the comment period for the 5/4/16 proposed rule, "Protection of Visibility: "Amendments to Requirements for State Plans," until 8/10/2016. 


7/5/2016     81FR43492

Notice of EPA's decision that no additional regulations are needed to address stormwater discharges from forest roads under section 402(p)(6) of the Clean Water Act at this time.


7/7/2016     81FR44212

Final rule amending the standards of performance for stationary compression ignition (CI) internal combustion engines to allow manufacturers to design engines so that operators can temporarily override performance inducement related to the emission control system during emergency situations.


7/8/2016     81FR44608

Notice of availability of a draft guidance document titled, "Draft Guidance on Progress Tracking Metrics, Long-Term Strategies, Reasonable Progress Goals and Other Requirements for Regional Haze State Implementations Plans for the Second Implementation Period," for public comment by 8/22/16.


7/12/2016     81FR45039

Final rule establishing the initial air quality designations for certain areas in the U.S. for the 2010 primary sulfur dioxide NAAQS.

7/12/2016     81FR45089

Announcement of reconsideration and request for public comment by 8/26/16 on three issues with respect to the 6/30/15 RTR final NESHAP for ferroalloys production.


7/13/2016     81FR45232

Final rule amending the NESHAP for petroleum refineries


7/13/2016     81FR45285

Notice of availability of EPA's final updated Clean Water Act section 304(a) recommended national chronic aquatic life criterion for the pollutant selenium in fresh water.


7/21/2016     81FR47325

Extension of the public comment period for the 6/30/2016 propoposed "Clean Energy Incentive Program Design Details," until 9/2/2016.


7/25/2016     81FR48356

Direct final rule amending the NESHAP for the Portland Cement industry, providing an additional compliance alternative to sources regarding HCl emissions limits and restoring text relating to the reporting of clinker production and kiln feed rates.


7/26/2016     81FR49071

Proposed user fee methodology applicable to electronic and paper manifests submitted to the national electronic manifest system that is being established under the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act.


07/27/2016     81FR49217

Request for comment on a Draft Technical Assessment Report regarding the national program for federal standards for GHG emissions and corporate average fuel economy for light-duty vehicles.


07/28/2016     81FR49598

Proposed changes to the existing regulations governing significant new uses of chemical substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to align these regulations with revisions to the OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard and Respiratory Protection Standard and the NIOSH respirator certification requirements pertaining to respiratory protection of workers from exposure to chemicals.