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Federal Regulatory Summary - July 2019

The following environmental regulatory actions were published in the U.S. Federal Register during July 2019. Select the hyperlink to view the complete Federal Register notice. For assistance in determining how any of these issues may affect your facility, please contact us at (800) 229-6655 or  online.

7/5/2019  84FR32094

Notice of EPA's decision to not revise the final rule establishing pretreatment standards for discharges of pollutants into publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) from onshore unconventional oil and gas extraction facilities in response to a remand requiring EPA to consider further information and take any appropriate action to the final rule.

7/5/2019  84FR32084

Direct final rule amending the Standards of Performance for Stationary Compression Ignition Internal Combustion Engines, revising the emission standards for particulate matter for new stationary compression ignition engines located in remote areas of Alaska. Proposed rule published simultaneously. Minor correction posted 7/26/2019.

7/8/2019  84FR32520

Final rule: 1) repealing the Clean Power Plan, 2) finalizing the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule consisting of Emission Guidelines for GHG Emissions from EGUs, and 3) finalizing new regulations for EPA and state implementation of ACE and any future emission guidelines issued under CAA section 111(d).

7/9/2019  84FR32632

Final rule revising the dust-lead hazard standards (DLHS), making no change to the definition of lead-based paint.

7/12/2019  84FR33257

Notice that EPA is planning renew the ICR for the Data Requirements Rule for the 1-Hour Sulfur Dioxide Primary NAAQS and is seeking public comment by 9/10/2019.

7/15/2019  84FR33715

Proposed amendments to the Federal Minor NSR program in Indian Country and the FIP for True Minor Sources in Indian Country in the Oil & Natural Gas Production and Natural Gas Processing Segments of the Oil and Natural Gas Sector.

7/16/2019  84FR33939

Notice that EPA will no longer send notices of deficiency to businesses that submit procedurally flawed CBI claims under section 14 of TSCA.

7/17/2019  84FR34887

Notice of EPA's final policy on Enhancing Effective Partnerships Between the EPA and the States in Civil Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Work.

7/23/2019  84FR35315

Final rule harmonizing EPA-specific revisions to the "Common Rule" regarding protection of human subjects involved in research for regulatory rules, with related provisions in EPA regulations.

7/23/2019  84FR35386

Notice of availability of data on emission allowance allocations to certain units under CSAPR trading programs.

7/26/2019  84FR36304

Proposed amendments to the General Provisions of the NESHAPs regarding the plain language reading of the "major source" and "area source" definitions of section 112 of the CAA, and providing that a major source can reclassify to area sources status at any time by limiting its potential to emit HAPs to below the major source thresholds of 10 tpy of any single HAP or 25 tpy of combined HAPs.

7/29/2019  84FR36535

Proposal to not impose financial responsibility requirements for facilities in the Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution industry under Section 108(b) of CERCLA.

7/29/2019  84FR36728

Proposed rule addressing five chemicals under TSCA due to concerns regarding persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic effects; comments due by 9/27/19. 

7/29/2019  84FR36770

Proposed amendments to the NESHAP for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills as well as the MSW Landfills NSPS, Emission Guidelines, and compliance times; comments due by 9/12/2019.

7/29/2019  84FR36762

Proposed annual percentage standards for cellulosic biofuel, biomass-based diesel, advanced biofuel, and total renewable fuel for gasoline and diesel transportation fuel produced or imported in 2020; comments due by 8/30/19.

7/31/2019  84FR37277

Request for comment on proposed determination of alternative light-duty vehicle GHG standards for small volume producers; due by 8/30/2019.