Federal Regulatory Summary - September 2016

The following environmental regulatory actions were published in the U.S. Federal Register during September 2016. Select the hyperlink to view the complete Federal Register notice. For assistance in determining how any of these issues may affect your facility, please contact your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655.

9/1/2016  81FR60351

Announcement of a 60-day public comment period for the draft Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) toxicological review of ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE), until 10/31/2016.

9/9/2016  81FR62395

Notice of guidance for regulated entities and state and federal regulators to use existing, available information technology to electronically report data required by the NPDES permit program rather than filing written paper reports.

9/9/2016  81FR62397

Final rule adding tens sites to the General Superfund section of the CERCLA National Priorities List. Proposed rule published simultaneously.

9/14/2016  81FR63112

Final decision on issues of reconsideration pertaining to the 2/1/13 final amendments to the Area Source Boilers Rule, retaining the subcategory and separate requirements for limited-use boilers and amending three reconsidered provisions regarding the alternative particulate matter (PM) standard for new oil-fired boilers; performance testing for PM for certain boilers based on their initial compliance test; and fuel sampling for mercury (Hg) for certain coal-fired boilers based on their initial compliance demonstration, and making additional minor changes, corrections, and clarifications.

9/14/2016  81FR63156

Notice of availability of preliminary lists of units eligible for allocation of emission allowances under the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.

9/22/2016  81FR65353

Notice of availability of the "Policy Assessment for the Review of the Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Nitrogen Dioxide--External Review Draft" for public comment by 12/8/2016.

9/26/2016  81FR65901

Final rule enabling eligible Indian tribes to obtain authority to identify impaired waters on their reservations and to establish TMDLs, which serve as plans for attaining and maintaining applicable water quality standards.

9/26/2016  81FR65924

Final rule amending the TSCA Chemical Data Reporting regulations by extending the submission deadline for 2016 reporting from 9/30/2016 to 10/31/2016.

9/29/2016  81FR66823

Withdrawal of 8/11/2016 direct final rule providing a technical correction to the NAAQS for particulate matter due to adverse comment.

9/29/2016  81FR66900

Notice that EPA is considering establishing federal baseline water quality standards for certain Indian reservation waters to narrow a long-standing gap in coverage of Clean Water Act protection, and requesting public comment by 12/28/2016.

9/29/2016  81FR67062

Proposal to amend the electronic reporting requirements for the NESHAP for coal and oil-fired electric utility steam generating units (the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS)).

9/30/2016  81FR67191

Direct final rule extending the implementation deadline for certain facilities subject to the final rule establishing pretreatment standards under the Clean Water Act for discharges of pollutants into publicly owned treatment works from onshore unconventional oil and gas extraction facilities. Proposed rule published simultaneously.