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Forty years ago, Trinity Consultants was founded by Richard H. Schulze as a sole proprietorship to assist industrial companies with air quality regulatory challenges. Since then, Trinity has grown to more than 40 offices on three continents, with nearly 500 employees. Trinity’s success is largely attributable to several precepts upon which the company was founded, namely: hiring talented people and training them in “the Trinity way,” encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship and “doing it right the first time,” understanding each client’s unique business strategies, and exceeding client expectations at every turn. In addition to these cornerstones, several other differentiators set Trinity apart in the marketplace.

As visionaries in the field of air quality, Trinity created BREEZE software to enable environmental professionals to perform dispersion modeling analyses on personal computers. Thirty years later, BREEZE continues to lead the market in high quality modeling software, now including products for fire and explosion modeling and risk analysis. Early in its history, Trinity initiated a professional training program as a way to contribute to the professional knowledge of colleagues, demonstrate expertise, and nurture relationships. Today, Trinity offers more than 300 courses annually on a wide range of EH&S topics.

Trinity’s success is also a result of its long-tenured management team and its highly engaged employees. Trinity’s senior managers have been with the company for an average of 18 years and have overseen its growth with great personal commitment. Furthermore, its employees are intelligent, committed problem-solvers. Today, more than 30 percent of employees are shareholders, further enhancing retention and strengthening commitment to client satisfaction.

Although the company is bigger and more diverse in its capabilities than ever, Trinity remains committed to its mission of understanding clients’ business strategies and serving their environmental needs, providing excellent career opportunities to employees, and performing exceptional quality work. Those values are part of the firm’s very fabric and they will always be our guides.

Four Decades and Going strong