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Trinity Consultants, Inc.® announces that it has acquired ASK Consulting Engineers (ASK Acoustics & Air Quality), a provider of acoustics, noise, vibration, air quality, odor, and lighting services across Australia. Founded in 1993 in Brisbane, ASK supports a variety of sectors, including building, infrastructure, mining, power and energy, and environment. Recent projects include assessing air quality, noise, and vibration impacts at a vanadium operation; examining noise conditions caused by retail construction; and predicting noise, vibration, and air impacts associated with a proposed major port expansion.  

The acquisition of ASK Consulting Engineers will provide the foundation for Trinity Consultants' growth in Australia. According to Brian Burdorf, who will provide oversight for Trinity's operations in Australia, “ASK Consulting Engineers provides exceptional technical services that dovetail nicely with Trinity's capabilities. We are pleased to have found such an excellent team to work with in Australia, a market in which Trinity sees great opportunity.”

Gillian Adams, Principal with ASK Consulting Engineers, noted, “Our team could not be more excited about joining Trinity. The strength of Trinity, and particularly its experience and expertise in growing businesses, provide great opportunities for ASK. Our clients will have access to broader services; our employees will have additional career opportunities; and our company will have the resources to expand across Australia.  We are particularly delighted with gaining the support and efficiencies of the larger team whilst maintaining the existing autonomy we have with our clients to continue to provide the personalised, high-quality services we strive for.”