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Maya RaoTrinity Consultants, an international environmental consulting firm that specializes in industrial air quality issues, recently opened an office in Jackson, Mississippi to better serve the Gulf Coast plains region. Maya Rao, an environmental professional with more than two decades of experience, will oversee the new office. Ms. Rao directs Trinity’s operations throughout Mississippi. Prior to joining Trinity, Maya worked at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) for 25 years, first as a permit engineer in the Air Division, then as a supervisor for multi-media permitting in the Energy Branch, and finally as Director of the Air Division from 2006 until 2014.

Trinity serves a wide variety of industries in Mississippi including manufacturing, agriculture, mining, oil and gas operations, textile production, and food products. According to Managing Director for the South and Gulf Coast Region, Shishir Mohan, “Trinity has been serving companies in Mississippi with respect to their environmental challenges for decades, however, the opening of our Jackson office under the direction of Maya Rao is significant. Our proximity to both clients and the state agency as well as Ms. Rao’s impeccable pedigree with respect to Mississippi regulations will enable us to provide an enhanced level of support to Mississippi facilities.” Ms. Rao holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ravi Shankar University in India and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. She is also a licensed professional engineer in Mississippi, a Board Certified Environmental Engineer, and a Certified Public Manager in the State of Mississippi.

Trinity Consultants performs over 2,000 environmental consulting projects annually, primarily focusing on air quality regulatory issues affecting industrial facilities. Trinity also markets BREEZE® environmental modeling software, implements technology solutions for EH&S information management, and provides professional EH&S training and EH&S staffing services.