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In celebration of Earth Day, Trinity's employees share their favorite earth-friendly behaviors:

Out and About  
  • Riding my bike to work and advocating for more bicycle lanesEarthDay 2015_image2
  • Walking to work
  • Driving a hybrid car
  • Driving a fuel-efficient car with more than 200,000 miles on it
  • Combining errands into one run
  • Avoiding drive-through lanes
  • Gradual acceleration and slowing while driving
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Following the BSA Leave No Trace / Outdoor Ethics
  • Picking up litter
  • Carrying an empty water bottle through airport security so I never have to buy (and throw away) a plastic bottle on the other side
  • Assisting with sea turtle patrol at the Padre Island National Seashore    
Home and Garden  
  • Short showers
  • Wearing out or donating used clothes
  • Stopped using disposable plastic cups 
  • Cloth diapering including use of a high efficiency washer and dryer and pre-soaking in used bath water
  • Using a clothes line
  • Solar panels, LED lights, and turning off/unplugging appliances
  • Buying organic, local, and hormone-free food
  • Eating less meat
  • Repurposing containers including candle jars, Frappacino bottles, food tubs, wine bottles
  • Less buying of unneeded items
  • Recycling
  • Push mowing and hand weeding
  • Strategic tree planting to reduce use of air conditioning
  • Reduced lawn watering
  • Xeriscaping 
  • Composting and gardening
  • Pesticide and herbicide-free gardening
  • Collecting rain water for watering
  • Wind generated aeration for pond
  • Swale system in grape vineyard to retain moisture
  • Geothermal system using earth as heat sink for whole house
  • Using recycled building materials  
At the Office 
  • Bringing coffee from home to reduce pod usage
  • Using a mug at work instead of disposable cups
  • Bringing my lunch
  • Recycling my department's soda cans
  • Using silverware instead of disposables  
Passing it On 
  • Teaching environmental education to children to enhance their understanding of the balance of life with our environment