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Sierra Trinity Combo LogoTrinity Consultants recently completed a merger with Sierra Research, an air quality and pollution control research and engineering firm based in Sacramento, California. Sierra serves public and private sector clients with a wide range of vehicle, fuel and air quality planning support. Trinity Director Paul Greywall commented on why the merger makes sense, “Although both companies have a strong air quality focus, we each bring somewhat different skills to the market. Sierra’s deep knowledge of mobile air emissions sources, the California market, and state air quality planning programs are synergistic to Trinity’s long-term growth plans. We believe clients of both Sierra and Trinity will benefit from our combined resources and expertise.”

Sierra Research was founded in 1981 and is a leading consulting firm in the field of air quality and air pollution control. Sierra provides air quality regulatory permitting and compliance support for industrial clients, assists vehicle and engine manufacturers and fuel suppliers with certification and regulatory compliance, designs and evaluates vehicle emissions inspection programs, and conducts research and analysis related to air quality planning and emissions control measure development for private and public sector clients, including vehicle fuel economy and emissions modeling and greenhouse gas emissions assessments. Sierra has offices in Sacramento, California, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

According to Gary Rubenstein, a founding Partner at Sierra, “Trinity’s strong senior management team and its broad geographic footprint were especially appealing. This transaction facilitates expanding Sierra’s unique skill set across a broader geographic area while retaining our air quality focus. We are excited about the additional resources available to both our clients and our staff.”

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