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EQW14_Ron Hunter
Ron Hunter, Principal Consultant - Insight Environmental Consultants

Last summer, Trinity Consultants expanded into Central California by merging with Insight Environmental Consultants, Inc., located in Bakersfield. Insight is a multi-disciplined environmental consulting company that assists clients with all aspects of air quality permitting and compliance, California AB-32 GHG verification, water and waste issues, land use planning, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance. Formed in 1985, Insight is a leading air quality consulting firm in the region, serving a variety of industries with a focus on agricultural processing, oil and gas, and environmental land use issues.

Insight’s management team of Doug McCormick, PE, CAPP; Ron Hunter; and Kathy Parker, CAPP, continue to lead the office, under the oversight of John P. Iwanski, Managing Director of Trinity’s northern and western U.S. operations including offices in Irvine and Oakland, California.  According to John, “Trinity was fortunate to find a team so well matched to our business model as Insight. Insight has a similar project mix and is very well regarded in the challenging central California market including the San Joaquin Valley, Eastern Kern County, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Monterey Bay air districts. Our integration with this fine team has gone well and both staff and clients are enjoying the benefits of joining together these two teams.”

Reflecting on Insight’s decision to join forces with Trinity, Principal Consultant Ron Hunter commented, “I had hired Trinity to work on a very high profile air quality issue back in the early 1990’s and was very impressed with the work. I had always held Trinity in very high esteem as the “consummate” air quality consulting firm in the nation – well, except of course for Insight! In retrospect, I have been asked by a number of other consulting friends how the merger went and I simply tell them – when and if the time comes, you should be so lucky!