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Acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers can trigger potentially serious environmental concerns for buyers and sellers. Companies of all sizes can assess and mitigate environmental liabilities through appropriate due diligence activities. This applies to all types of industrial and commercial facilities, irrespective of RCRA applicability. Conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) can have many benefits.


  • Mitigating liability with real estate transactions
  • Reducing the cost of obtaining environmental liability insurance
  • Facilitating project financing or refinancing


Each Phase I or II ESA should be performed by a trained environmental professional who follows all applicable ASTM and AAI Standards. This professional should also be aware of other federal, state, or local regulations that sometimes exceed those standards.


In many cases, the scope of work for these transactions goes well beyond ESAs to include compliance with and transfer of applicable air, water, land, and RCRA permits.  Using one firm to conduct the due diligence on a multi-site project helps to ensure the quality and consistency of the work.  Ideally, the consultants will be strategically located to provide cost-effective assistance and knowledgeable regarding ASTM and AAI standards as well as state and local requirements for ESAs.


Trinity Consultants successfully executes multi-site, multi-state projects. For additional information, please contact Doug Abeln at (636) 256-5643.