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After months of being understaffed, you finally have the green light to hire a new employee. Now what? Consider these three reasons for using a staffing company to ensure an efficient hiring process.

The best candidates are passive job seekers

Top EH&S talent are usually “passive” job seekers who are 
currently employed and are not actively pursuing other opportunities. They may or may not even be checking the job boards. As a result, these desirable candidates are not likely to apply to your open positions. However, they may welcome the chance of 
“upgrading” their current job once a great opportunity is brought to their attention.

Staffing companies are constantly networking with passive job seekers to monitor their availability. These highly desirable professionals need a good reason to make a change and often must be presented with opportunities that will transition them to “active” candidates who may be a good fit for your company.

HR is running lean too

The good news is companies are hiring! However, Human Resource departments are running lean like the rest of the company. They just don’t have the bandwidth to focus on your position while sifting through hundreds if not thousands of job applicants for a variety of positions. A staffing company can shorten the recruiting timeline by quickly identifying qualified EH&S candidates, coordinating the interviewing process, and negotiating the hiring process. The result is a more efficient and more effective process that matches the right candidate with your needs.

More recruiters increase the candidate pool

Staffing companies can work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no cost to you unless a match is made. It also provides you with more and often better candidates to consider along with those that may be provided by your HR department. Then, it’s up to you to decide which candidate best meets your needs.

On Demand Environmental is a staffing company that specializes in matching high quality EH&S professionals with excellent career advancement opportunities at top-notch organizations. With backgrounds in environmental consulting, we understand the EH&S profession and the precise needs of industry. We speak the language and know what skills are important. Our focus allows you to find the perfect candidate faster and with higher end satisfaction compared to other staffing options.

To learn more about how On Demand Environmental can help you find top EH&S talent, contact us at (866) 862-1399 or visit

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