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Korea REACH (K-REACH) is a regulation under which Korean manufactures and importers are obligated to register chemicals placed on the Korean market. Foreign manufacturers may appoint Korea based only representatives to submit chemical registrations on their behalf.

As of January 1, 2019, this new joint registration requirement impacts virtually all existing substances listed on the Korean Chemical Inventory (KECI). This excludes Priority Existing Chemicals (PEC) whose registration was due June 30, 2018. If last year's deadline for PECs was not met, there is a separate late registration process.

As for this year's deadline, preregistration (pre-notification) of all product ingredient substances imported by downstream customers at current or future potential volume of 1t/y or more, are required by June 30, 2019. Subsequent joint registration will span several years, during next 10 years. Currently, there is no late pre-registration available.

If this deadline is missed, the KECI substances not pre-registered will not be eligible at volumes ≥1t/y for the South Korean market until joint registration is submitted to and approved by authorities. This process can span an extended period of years for non-preregistered substances, due to joint registration, evaluation and approval process and timing controlled by authorities.

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