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EPA has released the 2016 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) preliminary dataset containing close to 98.5% of the data submitted for the 2016 calendar year. The TRI information submitted to EPA was subject to a basic data quality check procedure provided by the TRI reporting software, TRI-MEweb. It is not until the information is uploaded into the online dataset that it is evaluated by EPA in more detail. Over the next several weeks, EPA will continue to update the dataset. The EPA will publish the quality-checked 2016 dataset in October, followed by the 2016 TRI National Analysis in January 2018.

All TRI subject organizations are advised to compare the information submitted in their TRI reports against the information available in the database to confirm that the data was correctly incorporated. If an error is identified, please click here to contact the TRI Program to correct an error or a problem with the information submitted. Click here to visit EPA Environfacts to review the 2016 TRI dataset.

For assistance with this or any other topic related to TRI, feel free to contact the Trinity office nearest you by calling (800) 229-6655.