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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently updated the Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) to incorporate several New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) reporting requirements. The March 2020 updates enable the submittal of the following reports in CEDRI. Please note, for states with delegated authority, Trinity recommends submitting a copy of the CEDRI report to the state agency since there may be delays for state agencies to access reports submitted via CEDRI:

  1. Performance Test Reports (added March 18, 2020):
    • Site Remediation (63, subpart GGGGG): 63.7951(e) Performance Test and CMS Performance Evaluation Reports
    • Cellulose Products Manufacturing (63, subpart UUUU): 63.5580(h) Performance Test Report, 63.5580(i) Performance Evaluation Report
  2. Performance Test Reports and Notification Reports (added March 17, 2020):
    • Metal Can (63, subpart KKKK): 63.3510(c) Notice of Compliance Status, 63.3511(d)(1) Performance Test Report, 63.3511(e) Initial Notification Report
    • Metal Coil (63, subpart SSSS): 63.5181(a)(1) Performance Test Report, 63.5181(b) Initial Notification Report, 63.5181(b) Notification of Compliance
    • Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (63, AAAA): 63.1981(i) Performance Test Report
    • Reinforced Plastics and Composites Production (63, WWWW): 63.5912(a)(1) Results of the Performance Test
    • Auto and Light Duty Truck (63, IIII): 63.3110(b) Initial Notification Report, 63.3110(c) Notification of Compliance Status, 63.3120(b) Performance Test Report
    • Plastic Parts and Products (63, PPPP): 63.4510(b) Initial Notification Report, 63.4520(b) Performance Test Report, 63.4510(c) Notification of Compliance Status
    • Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products (63, MMMM): 63.3910(b) Initial Notification Report, 63.3920(b) Performance Test Report, 63.3910(c) Notification of Compliance Status
    • Ethylene Processes (63, subpart YY): 63.1103(e)(4)(iii) Flare Management Plan, 63.1110(a)(10)(i) Performance Test Report, 63.1110(a)(4) Notification of Compliance Status
    • Organic Liquids Distribution (63, subpart EEEE): 63.2382(d) Notification of Compliance Status, 63.2386(g) Performance Test Report, 63.2386(g) Performance Evaluation Report
  3. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution (60, subpart OOOO): Draft updated 60.5420a(b) Annual Report (October 2017 version) spreadsheet template made available. Users having problems uploading previously released March 2017 version due to hidden XML tags that were incorrect or duplicative. Use this version (v2.00) if your facility plans to submit the 60.5420a(b) Annual Report using CEDRI. (updated March 16, 2020)
  4. Engine Test Cells/Stands (63, subpart PPPPP) - 63.9350(a) Compliance Report is now available in CEDRI. Optional Performance Test Report is now required under the report name, 63.9350(f) Performance Test/Performance Evaluation Report. (added March 12, 2020)

CEDRI is an online reporting tool within EPA's CDX application that is used to electronically submit performance test reports, notification reports, periodic reports, and information collection requests required by 40 CFR 60, 62, and 63. Additional information regarding these four reports are detailed on EPA's website and below:

  1. Performance Test Reports - The Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT), built in Microsoft Access, is used to generate files containing emissions source test data. Facilities upload these files to CDX using CEDRI.
  2. Notification Reports - A Notification Report or Notification of Compliance Status (NOCS) are reports typically submitted by a regulated facility that notifies the designated authority that the facility has achieved compliance with an applicable regulation. (Note: In CEDRI most Notification Reports will be uploaded in PDF form.)
  3. Periodic Reports - Reports submitted by the facility that may demonstrate initial compliance or that demonstrate the facility has maintained continuous compliance with an applicable regulation over the reporting period (e.g., 6 months). These reports will be identified by the report names found in each specific rule; examples include: Compliance Report, Summary Report, Annual Report, and Excess Emissions Report. User's may have one or more formats to complete and submit a given periodic report. These options may include one or more of the following formats:
    • XML Schema - Users can use the schema to prepare an XML file to create a periodic report form.
    • Spreadsheet template upload - Users can fill out an Excel template that includes all of the data elements for a given periodic report (single facility or bulk upload for multiple facilities).
    • Fillable web form - Users can fill out a web form; Excel template(s) are available to upload data into tables found within an existing periodic report form.
  4. Information Collection Requests - EPA issues an Information Collection Request (ICR) to gather information that will help the agency review of rules. The ICR seeks specific information including emission inventories, compliance demonstrations, process changes, equipment configurations and information about control technologies/practices adopted since the application of maximum achievable control technology (MACT).

If you have questions about any NSPS or NESHAP reporting requirements, please contact Trinity at (800) 229-6655.