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Over the past year, EPA has been evaluating revisions to its 2006 guidance for estimating emissions from storage tanks as published in Chapter 7.1 of EPA's AP-42 document. On November 20, 2019, EPA published its final section and revisions to Chapter 7.1, ending an era of the TANKS 4.09d tool. The main driver for completing the Chapter 7.1 revisions was inclusion of calculation methodology for tank cleaning and degassing losses. However, updates were finalized that will affect the emissions estimates for all storage tanks. Since the proposed revisions, the main update to the final version was updated meteorological data, which accompanies the other updates that were proposed and now finalized. Trinity's experts will be digesting the final version of Chapter 7.1 and releasing an updated version of BREEZE TankESP in the near future and hosting a webinar to discuss the landscape of tank emission calculations moving forward.
For more details on the changes from the proposed revisions of AP-42 Chapter 7.1 to the final version, read this article posted on December 09, 2019.