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On Monday August 3, 2015, EPA will finalize an historic rulemaking, the Clean Power Plan.  Although the key objective of the CPP is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32% from existing power plants by 2030 versus 2005 baseline levels, it will likely impact all fossil-fuel burning sources to some degree.  The Clean Power Plan is a core component of President Obama's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Clean Power Plan is bold in its scope, imposing significant requirements on states and on the electric power industry.  If it survives the certain court challenges, the Clean Power Plan will fundamentally reshape the relationship between US EPA and the states; just as significantly, it will dramatically alter the nature of electricity generation in the United States and set a pathway to prohibit or discourage usage of certain fuels in industrial sectors.

The impact of the Clean Power Plan will vary in each state, but in most states will result in an increased cost of electricity.  View a Summary of State Responses to the Clean Power Plan.

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