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On January 15, 2016, EPA issued a proposed rule to amend 30 subparts under the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule (MRR).  There are a total of 46 subparts under the rule.  The proposed rule is expected to be finalized in 2016; therefore the upcoming annual report due on March 31, 2016 covering reporting year (RY) 2015 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will not be affected by the proposed rulemaking.

The proposed amendments address several types of changes including:

  • Streamlining implementation
  • Improving data quality and consistency
  • Updating provisions to better reflect certain industries' processes and emissions
  • Amend confidentiality provisions related to the proposed amendments

The changes range from minor corrections and clarifications to significant changes regarding applicability and emission calculation and monitoring methodologies.  EPA intends to phase-in the applicability of the amendments over multiple years, RY 2016 through 2018, according to the subpart affected (see table below).

Subparts AffectedReporting Year AffectedAnnual Report Affected
  • Subpart A (General Provisions) – revisions related to these subparts
  • Subpart I (Electronics Manufacturing)
  • Subpart H (Municipal Solid Waste Landfills)
RY 2016March 31, 2017
  • Subpart A (General Provisions) – revisions related to these subparts
  • Subpart C (Stationary Combustion)
  • Subpart E (Adipic Acid Production)
  • Subpart F (Aluminum Production)
  • Subpart G (Ammonia Manufacturing)
  • Subpart N (Glass Production)
  • Subpart O (HFC-22 Production and HFC-23 Destruction)
  • Subpart P (Hydrogen Production)
  • Subpart Q (Iron and Steel Production)
  • Subpart S (Lime Manufacturing)
  • Subpart U (Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate)
  • Subpart X (Petrochemical Production)
  • Subpart Z (Phosphoric Acid Production)
  • Subpart AA (Pulp and Paper Manufacturing)
  • Subpart CC (Soda Ash Manufacturing)
  • Subpart DD (Electrical Transmission and Distribution Equipment Use)
  • Subpart II (Industrial Wastewater Treatment)
  • Subpart LL (Suppliers of Coal-based Liquid Fuels)
  • Subpart MM (Suppliers of Petroleum Products)
  • Subpart NN (Suppliers of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids)
  • Subpart PP (Suppliers of CO2)
  • Subpart RR (Geologic Sequestration of CO2)
  • Subpart TT (Industrial Waste Landfills)
  • Subpart UU (Injection of CO2)
RY 2017March 31, 2018
  • Subpart A (General Provisions) – revisions related to these subparts
  • Subpart V (Nitric Acid Production)
  • Subpart Y (Petroleum Refineries)
  • Subpart FF (Underground Coal Mines)
  • Subpart OO (Suppliers of Industrial GHGs)
RY 2018March 31, 2019

You can read the proposed rule here.

To access a list of proposed changes for each subpart, contact Aimee Andrews, or go to EPA's docket website and search for Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–OAR–2015–0526.