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On March 20, 2015, the USEPA proposed to revise the 40 CFR Part 60 General Provisions and various New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) subparts to include requirements for submitting specified air emissions reports to the USEPA electronically. The USEPA believes that electronic submittal of these reports will result in less burden for affected facilities, further assistance in public and environmental health protection, and increased accuracy of several USEPA efforts. Affected facilities will still be required to submit paper reports to state and local agencies, unless these agencies also allow electronic submittal. The USEPA's proposal does not include the addition of any new required reporting. While the majority of NSPS subparts will be affected by these proposed requirements, some subparts are excluded.

The proposed revisions would require affected facilities to submit specific reports required under 40 CFR Part 60 to the USEPA's Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) through the Central Data Exchange (CDX). Reports required under the 40 CFR Part 60 General Provisions that will be subject to the proposed electronic submittal requirements include:

  • Summary reports and/or excess emissions and monitoring systems performance reports [40 CFR 60.7(c)]
  • Performance test reports [40 CFR 60.8(a)]
  • Performance evaluation reports, also known as relative accuracy test audit (RATA) reports [40 CFR 60.13(c)]

The public comment period on the proposed requirements ends on May 19, 2015. The effective date of the rule will be 90 days after the final rule is published in the Federal Register. More information, such as which NSPS subparts are excluded from these proposed requirements, can be found here.