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Responsible Care Programs

Responsible Care is a chemical Industry standard established by the American Chemistry Council which can be implemented for many industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, for example. The program drives environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) concerns, as well as the following:  

  • Planned changes and outsourced processes that are considered for each life cycle stage of products, service, procurement of products and services, including new or modified activities 
  • Establishment of appropriate controls
  • Accounting for raw materials, products, waste material, and transportation incidents, with a specific focus on environmental risks, impacts and mitigation
  • Information about potential significant environmental impacts associated with transportation, delivery, use, end of life treatment, and final disposal of products and services

Trinity assists our clients by providing value-added objective assessments of their Responsible Care Management Systems (RC14001 / RCMS). In this process, improvement potential is revealed which can be leveraged to increase performance, to the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders. Trinity can assist in improving or establishing your RC14001 / RCMS program as follows: 

  • Implementation assistance for all or parts of your RC 14001/ RCMS EHS&S programs
  • Program and compliance auditing / evaluation
  • Product safety and stewardship
  • Security / emergency plan development
  • EHS&S performance benchmarking
  • Development of appropriate documentation 
  • Training identification and delivery 
  • Incident investigation 
  • Nonconformity / corrective action investigations 
  • Evaluation of conformance to:  
    • Operational energy efficiencies
    • Hazards and risks
    • Responsible Care Security Code 
    • Responsible Care Product Safety Code
    • Responsible Care Process Safety Code 
    • Annual ACC reporting 

RC Conformance Training 

Trinity's professional training program includes related training courses including Implementing a Responsible Care RC14001:2015 and Responsible Care Management System (RCMS:2013) Technical Specification as well as custom courses and local seminars.  

Auditing Assistance 

Trinity is known for our skills in evaluating compliance with regulatory requirements and conformance with management system processes and practices. Using extensive permitting experience and in-depth knowledge of state and federal environmental regulations, Trinity is ideally suited to conduct effective compliance and conformance audits to ensure that all chemical, oil and gas sector regulations, and RC requirements have been properly addressed, determine status, and suggest corrective actions where needed. The result is a complete picture of all regulatory and conformance requirements to help you attain or maintain compliance and conformance. 

For further assistance, please Trinity at 800.229.6655 or contact Jerry Skaggs, PE, Managing Consultant at  412.552.7654