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On February 4, 2016, US EPA released the Reporting Year (RY) 2015 GHG emission reporting form for Subpart W. The RY 2015 reporting has significant changes from the RY 2014 report, including new data element reporting requirements that are not explicitly clear after the changes to the mandatory reporting rule.  Trinity's Subpart W reporting team has performed a thorough evaluation of the new forms, and has identified more than 80 changes to reporting data elements.  Companies must report these new data elements and update the emission reporting tools to meet the new reporting requirements.  

For API SANGEA 4.1 software users, there is good news. With API's continued support, Trinity is in the process of making the critical changes and updating SANGEA for the RY 2015 Subpart W reports.  Our target release date for the updated SANGEA is February 19th 2016.  For information regarding SANGEA please contact: or