In December 2013, the Jefferson County Department of Health's Air Pollution Control Program posted two videos for facilities and the public to better understand the Title V permitting process. Both facilities and public located in the Birmingham/Jefferson County area and those throughout Alabama could find the topics of the videos useful. Items discussed in the videos include:

  • How does the Title V permit help the public determine which requirements apply to a facility?
  • How does the Title V permit help the public know whether a facility is obeying applicable requirements?
  • What are the characteristics of an effective Title V permit?
  • How can a member of the public participate in the permit development?
  • Why is it important to review and comment on a draft Title V permit?
  • Do I need to be a lawyer or an engineer to review a draft Title V permit?
  • Is it possible to prevent a facility from being built by objecting the issuance of a Title V permit?
  • Where can I locate the federal regulations that lay out the basic requirements of the Title V program?
  • How do I obtain government documents that relate to a specific facility or Title V permit?

The videos are posted on the Jefferson County Department's website: