Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) has changed the triennial emission inventory reporting requirements for reporting year 2017. The two key changes are:

  • The due date has been extended from March 31 to April 30 following the reporting year (due April 30, 2018 for RY2017); and
  • Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) must be reported as two separate categories: condensable PM and filterable PM2.5.

Stationary sources must submit the emission inventory if the source's potential to emit (except actual emissions for Pb) for the previous calendar year equals or exceeds:

  1. 0.5 TPY of actual Pb, or
  2. 1,000 TPY of CO; or
  3. 100 TPY of SO2, NH3, PM10, PM2.5, NOx or VOC

If exceeding higher thresholds, a source is required to submit the same information every year. Complete instructions for preparing the required emission inventory can be found on ADEC's Emission Inventory Webpage .

Trinity Consultants can help prepare your facility's 2017 triennial emission inventory. If you have any questions regarding emission inventories or particulate matter estimation methods, please contact Anna Henolson , Managing Consultant, at (253) 867-5600 X 1008.