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The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is now inserting the following language into all new air permit actions (i.e., revisions, renewals, etc.).  Some text has been underlined to outline the new text being added.

"The Permittee shall have on site or on call a person certified in EPA Reference Method 9 unless all Method 9 observations and instantaneous visual surveys required by this permit are conducted as Alternative Method-082 (Digital Camera Operating Technique).  The Permittee shall certify the camera and the associated software in accordance with ALT-082 procedures.  Any Method 9 observation or instantaneous visual survey required by this permit can be conducted as ALT-082.  The results of a Method 9 observation or any instantaneous visual survey conducted as ALT-082 shall be obtained within 30 minutes of completing the Method 9 observation or instantaneous visual survey."

The use of the digital camera system (i.e., Digital Opacity Compliance System (second generation) "DOCS II") is based on American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard D7520 (Standard Test Method for Determining the Opacity of a Plume in the Outdoor Ambient Atmosphere) and EPA (ALT-082), which approved ASTM D7520 as an alternative test method to Reference Method 9.