The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has revised and consolidated the permit application for the Aquifer Protection Permit (APP). The new application covers the following permits and amendments:

  • Individual APP
  • Area Wide APP
  • Temporary APP
  • Significant Amendment to an APP
  • Minor Amendment to an APP
  • Other Amendment to an APP

Below are links to helpful resources explaining how to complete new applications and scheduling a pre-application meeting. The application provides guidelines indicating the required documents and procedures for completing the application.

ADEQ encourages the applicant to schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss the project and the requirements for a complete application. The pre-application meeting will help avoid delay in ADEQ's processing of the application and reduce permitting costs due to review. Email your pre-application meeting request to Naveen Savarirayan.

New general application for all types of APPs and APP amendments

Scheduling pre-application meeting

Please contact Trinity's Phoenix office at (602) 274-2900 for more information or assistance in preparing your APP application.