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ADEQ recently announced that starting January 1, 2020, the Title V Annual Compliance Certification (ACC) reports and the Semi-Annual Monitoring (SAM) reports will no longer be accepted by emailing Air Submission at To submit these reports electronically, you will need to use the ePortal system. Of course, a Title V permittee will still have the option to submit hard copy reports to ADEQ via regular mail.

There are two options that a report can be electronically submitted via ePortal.

  1. The report can be electronically submitted by the listed responsible official (RO) for the facility. If the report is electronically submitted by the RO, the report is considered certified on the date the report is submitted via ePortal, and no further steps required with this option
  2. The report can be submitted by the person developing the report, such as the EHS Manager or the consultant. If this is the case, note that the report is NOT considered certified on the date that the report is submitted electronically via ePortal. The hard copy certification form must be signed by the RO and mailed to ADEQ. The report is then considered certified/submitted only when ADEQ receives the signed certification form

Be aware of your reporting deadline. If a report is submitted via ePortal by someone other than the RO, you need to allow time for the hard copy signed certification form to arrive at ADEQ before the report deadline. Trinity encourages all facilities to get their RO signed up in ePortal so they can efficiently certify and submit reports in one step. Note that in ePortal, anyone can develop a report and then electronically “share” that report with the RO for the RO to certify/submit.

As a final reminder, Title V ACC reports (but not SAM reports) are also required to be submitted to EPA Region 6. These must be in hard copy format since EPA is not currently able to accept them electronically.