It can be confusing to determine where to send the compliance reports required by your air permit. Are they submitted to ADEQ, or EPA, or both? The table below will help clarify the situation for NSPS, NESHAP, and Title V ACC and SAM reports. Most notably, in cases involving NSPS and NESHAP reports for Title V facilities, EPA does not want a complimentary copy of the report that is submitted to ADEQ (the delegated authority).

General Note: Save paper and time by sending electronic copies of reports to ADEQ and/or EPA. Print copies of reports can be easily misplaced by government agencies. Also, a copy needs to be readily available if requested by an inspector.

Air Permit Report Type

Note 1: In addition to the ACC report submitted to ADEQ, also mail a paper copy of the report to EPA Region 6. EPA's online reporting software, the Central Data Exchange (CDX), is not set up to accept electronic versions of the ACC reports.

Note 2: If the NSPS/NESHAP rule specifically requires reporting through CEDRI located on EPA's CDX, a copy of the report should also be sent to ADEQ. ADEQ does not have access to reports submitted via EPA's CDX. The copy to ADEQ can be submitted in hard copy form, or electronically using ePortal (ADEQ's online reporting software).

Note 3: It is a good practice to send a complimentary copy to ADEQ to complete their files.