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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has issued a Request for Comments to proposed District Regulation 13, Rule 2: Organic Material Handling Operations (Rule 13-2), and is accepting comments through February 28, 2020. The proposed regulation is part of the BAAQMD's Basin-Wide Methane Strategy as outlined in the 2017 Clean Air Plan to reduce odors, methane emissions, and non-methane organic compound emissions. Per the comments received during the Climate Pollutants workshops in June 2019 for the previous draft Rule 13-2: Organic Material Handling and Composting Operations, BAAQMD separated the rule into two efforts and will develop Draft Rule 13-3: Composting Operations in the Q2 of 2020. Facilities affected by the proposed Rule 13-2 include material recovery facilities, transfer stations, and chipping and grinding facilities that handle or store solid waste and organic materials. The proposed Rule establishes best management practices, minimum standards, and reporting requirements to minimize emissions of methane and VOCs from affected facilities. The proposed regulation is available online in the Draft Rule 13-2 and summarized in the Request for Comments Notice.

Interested parties can follow the Rule 13-2 development on BAAQMD's website and submit comments to Robert Cave at by February 28, 2020. For questions specific to your facility, please call our Trinity Oakland office at (510) 285-6351.