See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) originally proposed amendments to District Regulation 3: fees to be effective July 1, 2020. The proposed amendments included increasing fee schedule costs between 3.1% and 15% depending on the source classification, increasing various application fees, adding additional renewal fees for facilities subject to the California Air Resource Board's (CARB's) Criteria Pollutant and Toxics Emissions Reporting (CTR) Regulation and Assembly Bill 617 “Community Air Protection Program” (AB 617 Program), and other additional amendments. Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order, BAAQMD will only adopt the new AB 617 Program fee on Title V facilities for the fiscal year ending in 2021. All other proposed fee increases are suspended until further discussion in October 2020. Title V facilities will receive annual permit renewal invoices reflecting the AB 617 Program fees pursuant to Section 3-327 of the amended Regulation 3.

Interested parties can find more information on BAAQMD's website and in the Board of Directors Meeting Agenda.

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