On October 15, 2014, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Board of Directors passed a resolution setting a timeline and plan for the proposed adoption of two new rules regulating the San Francisco Bay Area’s five refineries: Regulation 12, Rule 15 (Petroleum Refinery Emissions Tracking) to track emissions and crude oil quality from petroleum refineries, and Regulation 12, Rule 16 (not yet titled) for setting emissions thresholds and mitigating potential emissions increases. By December 2014, BAAQMD will present to the Board of Directors an evaluation of emission reduction approaches proposed by the community, industry, and Air District staff and recommend a strategy to reduce emissions by 20% or “as much emissions reductions as are feasible.” By Spring 2015, BAAQMD shall present to the Board of Directors Regulation 12, Rule 15 and Regulation 12, Rule 16 for proposed adoption. Regulation 12, Rule 15 will require refineries to submit an annual emissions inventory, report information on crude oils processed, complete a health risk assessment to evaluate the dispersion of hazardous substances, and establish fence-line and community air monitoring systems (based on the July 17, 2014 draft Regulation 12, Rule 15). Regulation 12, Rule 16 will serve as a companion rule that sets emissions thresholds which refineries cannot exceed and mitigates potential emissions increases from the refineries.

A copy of the Board of Directors resolution can be found here. The July 17, 2014 draft of Regulation 12, Rule 15 can be found here.