See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is expediting permit applications for facilities repurposing operations that are considered critical to the COVID-19 response, and is offering assistance to facilities requesting support with such applications. Facilities may provide project details for new or modified equipment via email to with “COVID-19 Permit” in the subject line and including the following information:

  • Facility name, ID (if available), and address
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Project description, including how the project is critical to the COVID-19 response
  • Equipment and process descriptions
  • Flow diagram and process rates
  • Operating schedules
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Stack/exhaust emissions data

If BAAQMD determines the proposed project is critical to the COVID-19 response, BAAQMD will assist the applicant with completing the application forms and calculating the fees required.

Interested parties can view the Permit Advisory on BAAQMD's website. For questions specific to your facility, please contact Divya Agarwal at 510.285.6351.