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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) published a new policy for calculating emergency generator potential-to-emit (PTE), effective June 3, 2019. The policy requires PTE calculations for BAAQMD permitting applicability to include 100 hours of emergency operation in addition to the permitted limit for non-emergency hours of operation. The new calculation method is not applicable for the purposes of determining emissions offsets or BAAQMD Regulation 2 Rule 5 toxics requirements, and does not apply for emergency fire pump engines. The policy does not apply to applications submitted before June 3, 2019; however, the policy will apply for determining PTE of existing permitted emergency generators during the next permitting action by a facility.

Interested parties can read the Policy: Calculating Potential to Emit for Emergency Backup Power Generators on BAAQMD's website. For questions specific to your facility, please contact Trinity Consultants at (510) 285-6351.