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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has suspended the formal rule development process for Draft Regulation 13, Rule 2: Organic Material Handling Operations (Rule 13-2) and Draft Regulation 13, Rule 3: Composting Operations (Rule 13-3). The proposed regulations were part of the BAAQMD's Basin-Wide Methane Strategy as outlined in the 2017 Clean Air Plan to reduce odors, methane emissions, and non-methane organic compound emissions. Although formal rule development is suspended, BAAQMD will form an Organic Recovery Technical Working Group to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and continue evaluating emission reductions from the applicable sectors.

Interested parties can review the archived documentation for Rule 13-2 and Rule 13-3 on BAAQMD's website.

For questions specific to your facility, please email or call Divya Agarwal at 510.285.6351.