See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

In December 2018, the California Air Resource Board (CARB) adopted the Regulation for Criteria Air Pollutant and Toxic Air Contaminants Emissions Reporting (CTR Regulation) to meet the enhanced emissions reporting requirements of California Assembly Bill 617. In March 2019, CARB proposed some sweeping changes to the CTR Regulation applicability criteria that will likely impact a large number of facilities.

Among other changes, CARB has proposed to require annual reporting for specified permitted industry sectors, regardless of emission levels. Other permitted sectors would be required to report if sector throughput or use thresholds are exceeded. A complete list of the proposed sectors and thresholds can be found on CARB's website.

Reporting for Calendar Year (CY) 2018 is no longer required.  Initial reports will be required for CY 2019 (due in 2020) for facilities subject to the CTR Regulation based on GHG emissions, criteria pollutant emissions, or that have an elevated toxics prioritization score. For facilities that are required to report based only on the sector specific criteria discussed above, CARB has proposed a phased-in schedule with the first reports due no earlier than 2021. To date, details of the phased-in schedule have not been released by CARB.

CARB will be releasing another draft of the CTR Regulation in late spring/early summer and expects the final rule to be effective by January 1, 2020.

For more information, please contact your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655 or join Trinity's full-day course on all the aspects of AB617 in Oakland, CA on May 7, 2019. A complete agenda and registration information may be found here.