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The California Energy Commission's (CEC's) Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program has selected five community-scale and six commercial-scale proposals for biofuels grants ranging from $1.5 to $5.2 million per facility.  A total of $37 million has been awarded; actual grant disbursements will follow after final grant approval with the CEC.  Many of the grant recipients are existing biomethane and waste-to-fuels operations already concentrated in the San Joaquin Valley and South Coast areas.  Several recipients are developing the next generation of new renewable fuel technologies with the aim to reduce waste currently being sent to landfills and creating a fuel source for immediate use for a co-located agricultural or waste management operation.  Insight Environmental Consultants, a Trinity Consultants office located in Bakersfield, California, is providing permitting and California Environmental Quality Act services for several grantees.  For more information on CEC grant opportunities and awards, click here.

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