See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, many air districts in Northern California are adjusting their day-to-day operations as many non-essential government staff transition to work from home. Industry personnel should be aware of changes to air district operations within their local jurisdiction, and should regularly check their local air district webpage for the most recent updates. Industry personnel should consider the following with regard to air quality permitting and compliance at their facilities:

  1. Is District staff still accepting hard copy permit applications?
  2. Can permit applications be submitted online?
  3. How will permitting timelines be affected?
  4. Are onsite compliance requirements such as stack testing or Method 9 observations still required during the National Emergency?

As of March 17, 2020, Trinity has obtained the following updates from various Northern California air districts; we encourage all affected facilities to frequently check District websites for updates.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

  • District staff is not currently accepting hard copy permit applications as the District's offices are closed to all non-essential staff until further notice.
  • Permit applications should be emailed to If confidential information is enclosed, the applicant must include a confidential and public copy. District staff is in the process of determining how applications fees will be submitted/processed and will post updates on their website within one week.
  • Permitting timelines may be impacted and will be contingent on District staff determining a method for processing application fees remotely.
  • Compliance with air permit requirements is still expected at this time, including stack testing and Method 9 observations. Permittees should contact the Compliance Department at for site-specific questions.
  • Check BAAQMD's Website for updates.

Northern Sonoma County Air Quality Management District

  • District staff is still accepting hard copy applications; however applications should also be submitted electronically to
  • Permit timelines will likely be impacted, and District staff will likely need the maximum amount of time allowable by regulation to process the application.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

  • District staff is still accepting hard copy applications via mail. District staff have asked the public to refrain from coming to District offices in-person.
  • Permit applications can also be submitted electronically via email to If applications are submitted by both hard copy and email, please note this in both submittals.
  • Permit application filing fees can be paid via credit card online. Applicants should request this payment option in the application submittal and District staff will then provide instructions.
  • District staff does not anticipate impacts to permitting timelines at this time.
  • Compliance questions should be directed at the facility's assigned inspector.
  • Industry staff can contact the Small Business Assistance office at or at (559) 230-5888 for further questions.
  • Updates will be posted on the District's website.

Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District

  • Hard copy applications and check payments are still being accepted via mail, although most District staff are working from home and District offices are closed to the public. Applications can also be submitted electronically via email. Payment via credit card is also accepted. If you aren't sure who to email the documents to, please call (530) 757-3650.
  • Authority to Construct permits are still being issued along typical timelines.
  • Permits to Operate are not being issued at this time as District personnel cannot conduct in-person site inspections.
  • Source testing deadlines have been extended 90 days as District staff cannot observe testing in-person at this time.
  • Notification requirements for any testing, including Method 9 observations, are still required along the standard timelines.

For further questions related to your facility, please email Elizabeth Geller.