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Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District's (MBUAPCD) Rule 201 (Sources Not Requiring Permits) lists source and equipment categories which are exempt from the requirements of District Rule 200 (Permits Required) to obtain an Authority to Construct (ATC) or Permit to Operate (PTO).

The proposed revisions clarify MBUAPCD's permit exemption list based upon existing MBUAPCD practices, to eliminate permit requirements on insignificant emission sources, and require permits for all landfills that are subject to the State's Regulation to Reduce Methane Emissions from Municipal landfills. The corresponding CEQA Initial Study and Negative Declaration for these revisions are available for distribution. The copies can be obtained from the MBUAPCD by calling (831) 647-9411.

The specific proposed rule revisions primarily consist of updates (generally, an addition of exemptions) to the categories of: Abrasive Blasting; Contaminated Soil or Water Aeration; External Combustion Equipment; Wood; Miscellaneous Equipment; Portable Equipment; and Surface Coating, Cleaning, and Adhesive Operations. Two new categories have also been proposed: Equipment Rendered Inoperable and Low Emitting Unit. The former describes that a permit is not required for non-operating equipment or equipment removed from service. The latter describes processes not identified in any other Rule 201 category and that have emissions of less than two pounds per day of any affected pollutant. However, these processes do not fall into this category if the affected pollutant is defined as a Toxic Contaminant in District Rule 1000.

Comments on the proposed rule revision must be submitted to Mr. Mike Sewell at MBUAPCD by October 1, 2014. A Board Adoption Meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2014 and is open to the public. For more information regarding these revisions click here.