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The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) hosted a public meeting on December 19, 2019 to consider the adoption of two rules: Proposed Rule 4460 concerning Petroleum Refinery Fence-line Air Monitoring, and Proposed Rule 3200 concerning Petroleum Refinery Community Air Monitoring Fees. Proposed Rule 4460 requires petroleum refineries operating under SJVAPCD's jurisdiction to submit a written air monitoring plan and install a fence-line monitoring system. The written air monitoring plan must establish how the petroleum refinery will operate and maintain a real-time fence-line monitoring system to monitor certain pollutants described in Table 1 of the proposed rule, available here. The purpose of the Proposed Rule 4460 is to require air monitoring systems that provide real-time air quality information to the public. The proposed rule includes installation timing, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements. Proposed Rule 3200 sets forth initial and annual fees that petroleum refineries must pay to develop and maintain a refinery-related community air monitoring system, available here.