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California Senate Bill No. 205 (SB 205) was approved and filed with the Secretary of State of October 2, 2019. SB 205 requires a regulated business to demonstrate enrollment with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program when applying for an initial business license or business license renewal. A regulated business is a facility that is covered under the NPDES Industrial General Stormwater Permit. City or county initial business license or business license renewal application will request the following additional information: (1) name and location of facilities; (2) primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes; and (3) any of the following: Waste Discharger Identification number (WDID), WDID application number, Notice of Nonapplicability (NONA) identification number, or No Exposure Certification (NEC) identification number. This information can already be found in the public domain; however, this change would provide more visibility on Industrial General Stormwater permits to the City and County.