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The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) held a public hearing on June 18, 2020, to consider the adoption of the proposed 2020 Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) Demonstration for the 2015 8-Hour Ozone Standard (2020 RACT Demonstration) and the Emissions Statement Program Certification for the 2015 8-Hour Ozone Standard. Areas classified as moderate or above for ozone nonattainment are required by the Clean Air Act (CAA) to implement RACT requirements for major sources of VOCs and NOx. The San Joaquin Valley Air Basin is classified as an extreme ozone nonattainment area. The 2020 RACT Demonstration builds on the previous 2014 RACT Demonstration for the 2008 8-Hour Ozone State Implementation Plan approved by EPA in 2018 and control measure analyses conducted for the 2018 PM2.5 Plan.

The RACT Demonstration includes the following components:

  • A demonstration that EPA Control Techniques Guidelines (CTGs) are being implemented in the valley, and a discussion and recertification of the negative declarations for source categories that do not exist in the Valley.
  • A demonstration that all major NOx and VOC sources in the Valley are covered by RACT rules.
  • A demonstration that the District's rules for ozone precursors (NOx and VOC) satisfy RACT levels of stringency, applicability, and enforceability.

For more details on the major sources and rules that were analyzed, SJVAPCD's 2020 RACT Demonstration can be found here.

In addition to the 2020 RACT Demonstration, the Clean Air Act also requires all ozone nonattainment areas to have a program in place that requires emissions statements from stationary sources of NOx and VOC. District Rule 1160, Emission Statements, fulfills this requirement. The District has reviewed the existing Rule 1160 to ensure it is adequate to meet the emissions statement requirements. More details regarding the rule analysis can be found here.

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