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The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD or District) held a public workshop on November 13, 2019 regarding proposed amendments to District Rule 4311, Flares. SJVAPCD is proposing to amend Rule 4311 as part of the 2018 PM2.5 Attainment Plan commitment to reduce NOx emissions by 0.05 tons per day. The public workshop was held to discuss the potential strategies to achieve such emission reductions. SJVAPCD is proposing the following amendments to Rule 4311:

  1. Removing the non-major source rule-applicability exemption
  2. Adding a performance standard to require ultra-low NOx technology for new and existing flares
  3. Adding a flare minimization plan for operators flaring more than 20,000 MMBtu/year
  4. Increasing monitoring, source testing, and reporting requirements

SJVAPCD is requesting proposals for a socioeconomic impact analysis to analyze the impacts of the proposed amendments on the Valley's economy. In addition, SJVAPCD is interested in feedback from the industry regarding the cost of low NOx flare installation and is requesting facilities to submit any vendor quotes they may have received for such installation. SJVAPCD is planning to hold another public workshop before releasing the proposed rule amendment package for comments. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Kevin Wing at or (559) 230-5800.