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San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) is improving its ability to allow permittees access to their own records as maintained by SJVAPCD. SJVAPCD is currently undergoing a soft launch of the Permit Administration System (PAS) web portal to the permitted population. The PAS web portal allows permittees and those designated by the permittee access to historical documents such as applications for construction or Title V permits, district engineering evaluations for historical permitting actions, issued permits, inspection documents, breakdown and deviation reports, reported source test documents, and other compliance related submissions and correspondence. The PAS web portal is also designed to allow facilities to immediately generate and submit breakdown and deviation reports. The ability to submit breakdown and deviation reports via the web portal will be especially advantageous to permittees required to report within one hour of breakdown discovery. Using this system, permittees may print out the deviation/breakdown report, complete the certification of truth and accuracy, and mail to SJVAPCD to meet the 10 day notification compliance requirement.

Historical documents and breakdown/deviation reports are all currently available, with granted access, through the PAS web portal. SJVAPCD hopes to add other features for report submission in the future. Such features may include the capability to submit annual compliance certifications, reports of required monitoring (RRM), and possibly provide signature on submitted reports as well. The system is currently in its initial stages and SJVAPCD is working through any issues as they arise.

If you are interested in having access to the PAS web portal, and/or interested in giving your contact at Trinity access for your facility, contact Nick Peirce, Permit Services Manager-Northern Region, at (209) 557-6447 or Mr. Peirce requires the facility identification number, and a list of names, phone numbers, and emails of people for whom the permittee would like to designate access. Those designated by the facility will receive an email with a link and temporary password to gain access to the PAS web portal.