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San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) has continued to provide updates to the PASPort (Permit Administration System Portal). The PAS portal allows permittees and those designated by the permittee access to historical documents such as applications for construction or Title V permits, district engineering evaluations for historical permitting actions, issued permits, inspection documents, breakdown and deviation reports, reported source test documents, and other compliance related submissions and correspondence.

SJVAPCD has updated PASPort to allow permittees to submit:

  • AB 32 Landfill Methane Report
  • Annual Flare Report
  • CEM Quarterly Report
  • Chrome planting Annual Compliance Summary
  • Fixed Roof Tank TVP Testing Report
  • Floating Roof Tank TVP Testing Reporting
  • Floating Roof Tank Inspection Plan
  • Heavy Crude R4401 OM Plan
  • IC Engine I&M Plan
  • Landfill Gas Collection System Shutdown Notice
  • Landfill Semi Annual Report
  • Light Crude Oil/Natural Gas R4409 OM Plan
  • Organic Liquids Tank Cleaning Notification
  • Portable Equipment Quarterly Report
  • Refinery R4455 OM Plan
  • Unplanned Flaring Event report
  • Variance Petition
  • Variance Summary Report

The changes will allow permittees to submit compliance reports electronically. Permittees will receive a submittal confirmation upon submittal of the document.

Please contact Tony Phan in our Bakersfield office at (661) 282-2200, or your local Trinity office for additional information.